Boston scientific

I have the experience of working with MJ Conroy for nearly 20 years and am impressed by the professionalism and commitment to the successful delivery of projects by their team, working in the demanding medical devices environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for construction projects.

Sean Dowd

Facilities Manager, Boston Scientific Galway


MJ Conroy leased a building of circa 25,000 square feet, at Dangan in Newcastle Galway, to Siebel Systems Inc. in 1999. In addition MJ Conroy also fitted out the building on our behalf. MJ Conroy was an excellent landlord. On time delivery of the fit out and the customer focused attitude of the company was most impressive. They are a capable, solution oriented company of very high integrity and their first consideration is always customer satisfaction. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend MJ Conroy as a business partner.

Seamus Kilbane

Managing Director, Siebel Systems EMEA Ltd. 1999-2003

Allergan pharmaceuticals

Allergan Westport have worked very successfully with MJ Conroy for over 30 years on a wide range of Pharmaceutical construction projects. The commitment to the safe, timely delivery of quality projects within tight budgetary constraints by the MJ Conroy team is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for a range of Pharmaceutical / Medical Device type construction projects.

Danny McLaughlin

Engineering & Technology Director, Allergan Pharmaceuticals

hp galway

I served as site leader and managing director of HP Galway during the construction of our new facility at Ballybrit, Galway. While the overall contract was managed by HP’s Global Real Estate organisation, I had responsibility for ensuring that the building met the needs of the users, i.e. the multiple business units on the site. The building was also an important PR tool for us in demonstrating that the Galway site was a great target for new investment by HP. Having been located in a 40 year-old converted manufacturing site, the new building, even in construction, was important in presenting a vibrant image of Galway to HP corporate leaders, and to current and prospective employees.

The developer selection process took place at a time when the construction sector in Ireland was in a deep depression. Few developers had the financial means to underwrite the investment, and I expected that the successful bidder would have been a national or international brand, not a local developer with a relatively low profile.

As it turned out, MJ Conroy was an inspired choice. It was critically important to HP that the project ran smoothly and that any issues that did arise were resolved in a spirit of partnership. Specifically we did not want the distraction and delays associated with litigation which appear to be all too common in the construction sector. After a complex negotiation which involved multiple contracts for sale of land and building, and construction and fitout of a new facility, the project commenced in November 2013. From that time, I can honestly say that the project ran like clockwork, and was completed to schedule and within budget. MJ Conroy clearly have a skill in selecting and managing professional partners and subcontractors. The team came together remarkably quickly and, from my perspective, no serious issues arose through the entire project.

The construction site itself was an important aspect of the project for us. Given that it was located right next to our existing building, we needed the site to have the right appearance, also to be managed to the highest standards. We were particularly concerned that site safety be at the highest level. From the outset MJ Conroy met those standards. In fact, a visit to the site became an important part of the itinerary for executives visiting the site, helping to reinforce the message that Galway was the right place to invest.

One aspect of the partnership with MJ Conroy that surprised me was their genuine interest in the detail of our business. Despite having a detailed brief for the project, they always welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the way we work. It's clear that, over time, they have built a good understanding of how MNCs work in Ireland. I expected this project to be complex, fraught with issues and, most likely, behind schedule and over budget. None of these were realised. MJ Conroy have been a model partner. Without reservation, I would recommend them for similar projects, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the detail of our experience with them with any prospective client.

Mark Gantly

Managing Director, HP Galway (2009-2015)

Jigsaw Galway

The team in MJ Conroy Ltd have been such fantastic partners in our work, which provides free, confidential and non-judgemental supports for young people experiencing difficulties with their mental health. Through this corporate partnership they have shown an incredible commitment to helping us build our supports for young people, their families and the wider community.

Justin McDermott

Fundraising Manager, Jigsaw Galway

Electronic Arts Ireland Ltd

Electronic Arts Ireland Ltd engaged MJ Conroy to carry out a design and build refurbishment and fit out of their office in Galway. The on-time delivery of the challenging project in our extremely busy ‘live’ office environment, coupled with their customer focused attitude was most impressive. They are a capable, solution-oriented company of the highest quality and their first consideration is always customer satisfaction. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend MJ Conroy for any construction project.

Julia Gordon

Workplace Experience Manager, EA Ireland

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