Workers returning to Work from holidays abroad

Advisory to all employees and Labour Contractors

The current government advice is to avoid all non-essential travel overseas and those who do travel outside the island of Ireland should self-isolate for 14 days upon their return. On 20th July, the government intend to publish a ‘green list’ of countries which will include countries with similar levels of the coronavirus to Ireland. Anyone travelling outside the island of Ireland to any of the countries on the ‘green list’ will not have to self-isolate for 14 days upon return to Ireland. The ‘green list’ will be reviewed fortnightly.

Some worker may have plans to travel abroad during the summer holidays despite the current advice from government. Some workers may be able to work from home during the period of self-isolation, however, site workers who cannot work from home may be absent for up to two weeks following their return from summer holidays. Workers who intend to travel abroad should note that they will be required to adhere to government guidelines on their return. Any worker required to self-isolate due to travelling abroad to a country outside the ‘green list’ will no be entitled to pay during this time.

Any worker who intends to travel abroad is requested to advice MJ Conroy in advance, and to which country. Any worker returning to work after travelling abroad must complete the attached form before returning to work. If a worker has travelled outside of the ‘green list’ and has not self-isolated for 14 days, they will not be permitted on site until the 14-day isolation period expires.

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