Revised Construction Sector SOP

Advisory to all employees and labour contractors


The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) have revised the sectors standard operating procedure (SOP) relating to Covid-19.  This reflects the ongoing changing situation relating to Covid-19.  I attach the updated document for your information. I strongly encourage you to familiarise with it.  MJ Conroy have developed and implement our own site and office work best practice Covid-19 procedures in line with this SOP guidance.

The most recent feedback from the CIF is outlined below, and we as a company strongly encourage everyone to refocus their efforts to adhere to this health advice.

“We (CIF) have been in regular contact with the Government and NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team) about Covid-19.  They have acknowledged the excellent work construction workers,  firms and the CIF have carried out in the first phases of this pandemic.  However, they are now deeply concerned about the increasing numbers of cases emerging in communities.  Now the Government are turning to us to re-emphasise and refocus workers on the steps they need to take to protect themselves, their families and their communities

Of particular concern are:

  1. Reinforcing the hand hygiene message
  2. Asking employees to call out any behaviours that undermine Covid-19 prevention efforts
  3. Reinforce the need for social distancing on site and at lunch times outside the site
  4. Encourage employees to download the Covid-19 Close Contact Tracker App onto their smart phone.
  5. Self-isolate on the onset on any Covid-19 symptom(s)
  6. Get the message to employees that consulting their GP and that getting a Covid-19 test is free. “

We thank you for your ongoing co-operation during these times.

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