Advisory Update on COVID

Advisory to all employees and labour contractors             

You are no doubt aware that Covid-19 positive cases have been identified on construction sites in the past week and there has been much media coverage on the matter. We understand that the companies involved are working with the HSE to manage the situation and follow their guidance. HSE recognise, as society opens up again after the lockdown, that cases will be identified, not necessarily as a result of the workplace.

As a result of the construction related cases, the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is engaged with the HSE at a high level with the objective of agreeing a standard protocol for dealing with such cases as they arise.

In the meantime, the advice from the HSE is to;

  • Keep working in accordance with the Covid-19 safe working procedures that have been introduced on all sites.
  • Remember the need to maintain social distancing and to practice good hand hygiene at all times on site.
  • All workers are encouraged to download the HSE Covid Tracker App onto their smart phone. The App is available in the App store on both Android and Apple phones.
  • If a worker has symptoms of Covid-19, do not to attend site, self-isolate and call your GP / company doctor who will arrange a test.

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