Shannon Airport Authority

This design and build project involved modifications to the existing reinforced concrete bund floors, specifically the tank-to-bund interface, and included the design and installation of new tank to bund interface to allow for inspection of the tank-to-shell weld whilst maintaining the impermeability of the bund.

The detail on this project required the design of a revised tank-to-bund interface that allowed for the inspection of the tank-to-shell weld.

In agreement with Shannon Airport and Tedcastles Aviaton Fuels, the tankfarm operators, a schedule was put in place for the removal the existing reinforced concrete bund from the immediate area around the base of each tank using hydro-demolition techniques. The tankfarm remained operational during these works and it was only possible to take two tanks out of service at any time to facilitate the work.

In strict accordance with the agreed schedule, the existing reinforced concrete bund was removed from the immediate area around the base of each tank using hydro-demolition techniques, the exterior of the tank shell/pipework/valves damaged during the hydro demolition works was painted and a new impermeable concrete bund was put in place and sealed fully to the tank. The standard of surface preparation and the quality of the installation of any sealant between the new concrete bund and the tank were considered critical elements of the proposed works.

Given the location of this work on a Seveso Category 1 ATEX site, making it area of very high explosive atmosphere, the highest standards of health and safety were demanded, standards much higher than on normal construction sites. Added to this, the close proximity of the site to Shannon Airport required liaison with the airport authority on an ongoing basis, particularly when the use of cranes was required on site.

Also, as the site in the Shannon Estuary was surrounded by an area of special conservation and aquatic life, environmental considerations and planning were also critical to the project.

MJ Conroy Construction were delighted to carry out this project with zero accidents and zero environmental incidents.

Shannon Airport Authority
Shannon Fuel Farm Design and Build
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