Boston Scientific

This project involved the supply and installation of a Trigeneration CHP 1200kW plant at the Boston Scientific plant in Galway. The civil enabling works which MJ Conroy carried out included:

  • Modifications to existing escape stairs from the existing building to create space for the project.
  • A 22m high structural steel flue tower was installed, along with an MV electrical switch room, further excavations for electrical, gas pipe & storm drain installation & relocation.
  • The construction of a new chiller farm enclosure along with cooling tower plinths within the existing chiller compound.

As all works were in close proximity to existing underground & overground live electrical & mechanical services, careful planning was necessary with substantial safety procedures put in place.

The new 1.2MW CHP plant made substantial alterations to the site electrical, heating and cooling systems infrastructure, with the result that it;

  • Supports an additional 38% of sites electrical needs. 74% power requirements now generated on-site.
  • Sees a reduction of 12.4% of CO2 emissions
  • 100% of site heating, thereby making the gas boilers on site operate as backup only.
  • Results in an offset of 33% of the sites cooling load
Boston Scientific
Boston Scientific TriGen (CHP) Project
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